Elon Musk Getting Flack For Trump Affiliation, IMO Think Before Unreserving Model 3

Its been a while but much has happened since I’ve last posted. Tesla Motors showed the Model 3, they bought SolarCity, they announced their Solar Roof concept, and many other interesting news. Also, Donald Trump is also now the 45th President of the United States of America. Looks like this website isn’t the only thing that’s totally lost its way over the last year.

One thing that stood out to me recently is the backlash against Elon Musk for his tweet to look at the ban on refugees coming from a list of 7 countries. Elon says to take a look at it for yourself before jumping to conclusions. His tweet has people giving up their reservations for the Model 3 delivering this year in protest for various reasons seemingly in the vain of his affiliation with The Donald. This is not the way to take out your frustrations on Trump and his administration. Call your Senator, and Congressman, vote in your district for someone who will fight for you (unless you wanted Trump then I hope its turning out how you would like). Taking it out on Tesla Motors because of Hitler is like not buying the VW Beetle because of Hitler, that’s not the way to make an impact. And I am not saying that Trump is Hitler, it was just a convenient metaphor.

I have to admit it is making some impact, it seems to be “getting him down”. This is not the guy we want to be taking our frustrations out on. He is forcing the big automakers to make an electric car which will change the culture of how we look at transportation and energy.

If your problem is with politicians, then talk politics, and use politics.

As for the Tesla Motors Model 3, the Gigafactory 1 is spitting out 2170 battery cells which are going to be the belly of the mass volume car. Set to deliver the first vehicles at the end of this year 2017. if you lose your spot at the front you might regret having to wait till 2018 or longer. There have already been more than 400,000 reservations since last year and counting. Something good to look forward to for the next few years.



Link via Electrek, Tesla Motors