NYX Above and Beyond Concealer

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This week’s review is on the NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer. I think this concealer is the one concealer that hasn’t made me break out. It covers so much and is essentially flawless when applied correctly! They certainly weren’t kidding when they said above and beyond. 

I have oily skin that flakes sometimes, so moisturizing is a pain in the butt. However, when I use this bad boy after my toner (and sometimes moisturizer) it covers a lot! I don’t have that bad of acne, but it’s enough that my skin scars easily. I also don’t wear foundation often, mostly bb cream + light face powder to set. I look flawless after and it’s my fave! Here’s what this awesome find looks like!


It comes in 9 different shades + 3 different color correcting shades. The consistency is nice and thick, easy to apply and can be applied with your fingers or a brush. Personally, I find if you apply with your fingers then blend in with a sponge it works better than a brush, but that’s just my preference. This little gem only runs about $8 in store and online.

*Hint! Rexall’s (select) puts on awesome sales that are 20%-50% off. At my local Rexall, it was priced at $8.99 at regular price. When on sale I got mine for $4.49 (plus tax of course). It looks like a tiny pot but a little goes a long way and this little gem lasts a while! Certainly something I’d purchase again if (and when!) I ever run out. Here’s the link to get this bad boy!


There are a lot of different concealers out there now, not every concealer works for everyone but this is certainly one I’d say to try if you want something light with full coverage.

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