Happy Easter!

Happy Easter (CHOCOLATE!) guys! Sooooo we all know that Easter derived from something and some place but do you really know where it came from? 


So if you’re religious or not, whatever you like chocolate, either way, it was a symbol of the rebirth of Jesus Christ. That’s where those eggs come in. So how does the bunny come in?


Can we just clarify that bunnies DO NOT LAY EGGS? Birds lay eggs, reptiles lay eggs, certain aquatic animals lay eggs, BUNNIES DO NOT. That would just be weird, can you imagine a bunny laying an egg? It’s weird. Educate your younglings and other people friends that they don’t lay eggs. 

Anyways, in Germany around the 1500-1600’s the earliest recorded story of Easter and the Easter bunny was about a bunny hiding eggs around. 


Does anyone remember dying and painting eggs? Wasn’t that the most fun thing ever besides the awesome amounts of chocolate?

Welp, here’s a quick little DIY for you and how to get started!


  1. EGGS 
  2. Egg stands (Dollarama)
  3. Food coloring
  4. A few bowls
  5. Boiling Pot
  6. Water
  7. Gloves
  8. Paints
  9. Paint brushes
  10. Sharpie


  1. Boil your eggs – cooking them helps if you’re clumsy or have little ones!
  2. Cool them
  3. Prep colors 
  4. dip eggs into color – keep dipping until you’ve built the colors you want
  5. once dried, you can get more creative with using paints or using a sharpie!

Check these out! (From google)

27 Metallic

ONE MORE THING, before you start eating your chocolate, just a friendly reminder.

Rabbits are a lot of work to take care of and are a 10-year commitment. Please don’t adopt without knowing what you’re getting into. They need love and care as you would want to be loved and care for. ANDDDDD don’t go and adopt or rescue a Rabbit just to eat (YES PEOPLE DO THIS). If you’re going to do that, go to a grocery store! 

Fun fact, 1 sq ft of bunnies is called a fluffle. 

Okay anyways so if you follow your own religion or don’t have one, just enjoy the pretty colored wrapping around chocolate and of course, eating the chocolate! 

Happy Eating!