Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As everyone (or close to everyone) know’s, it’s a day to celebrate “dear old St. Patty” by getting drunk up to our noses in weird green beers. Guess what?! We’re going to do a fun fact post!

Here it goes, 

  1. Green beer – just weird and not a thing there
  2. Lucky charms – not Irish, doesn’t exist there
  3. Irish spring soaps – also not a thing, doesn’t exist there
  4. Guinness is a stout, not a beer
  5. The myth about werewolves came from the English because they thought the Irish and their WOLF hounds mated and made human wolf cub hybrids

I’ll spare you the rest because there’s just about a bajillion different types of “fun facts” and blog posts.

Happy Drinking!

Remember: Don’t drink and drive! Be safe! There’s always taxis or uber!