Valentines Day!


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY … ya filthy bunnies…

Or not so filthy or a bunny.

Either way, whether you’re a loner or a lover or just loving your bucket of ice cream with your 4 cats, have a great day. 

Let’s talk about V-Day.

First off, who the heck said on valentines day you should love your significant other just that much more?!

NO. N. O. you should love your significant other every day, however showing you do with a little gift isn’t a bad thing

Second, why do we think we need to go all out on buying ridiculously expensive gifts?! 

S.T.O.P. I.T. If you’re a broke student like myself, get creative and cute about it! As we all know, chocolate for some strange reason is a huge thing this time of year. Personally, I think it should be a huge thing year round but whatever.

So here’s some last minute ideas for how you can put together a creative gift that doesn’t cost too much. We’re going to cover the 5 senses.

1. Taste:

If they like something in particular when it comes to junk food, get them some yummy sugary stuff! Walmart has some great prices in cheesy packaging and so does Dollarama! 

2. Touch: 

Get your head out of the gutter. If you’re practicing abstinence or you’re young and not into the whole “do like bunnies do” thing yet (GOOD YOU’RE TOO YOUNG) then get them a nice gift card to wayspa. In short, you can get a gift card for any amount and you can use it at any of the listed spas on their website. Neat right?

3. Sight:

Take them out to a movie or something OR, OR, stay with me here. Take them to a nice place that has a pretty (and free) view. Here are some ground rules, if you’re aiming for a movie or something, let them choose. Or surprise them with something you know they’ll enjoy.

4. Hearing:

I don’t know if taking your S.O to a concert is always a good thing, but if they’re for it then why not?! Otherwise, talking and listening to them is a great thing. You know, showing that you care and such.

5. Smell: 

Of course, here we are! Smell, now if you’re like me who needs to live in a plastic bubble most days because smells just invade your nose. Go easy on the smells. This doesn’t mean go nuts on the body sprays. If you know they have a perfume/cologne/body spray they really like then get them another one! Or something completely new that you know they’d really like.

Alright you bunnies, now that you’ve got all 5 items down make little cute notes to go with each one. 

So for…

taste “because I know you love (insert item)”

touch “because you work hard and deserve a day off”

sight “because I know you like to see this”

hearing “because we all need someone to listen”

smell “because this is my favorite scent on you”


If you’re really really broke, then make a cute coupon book and make dinner at home!

It can include things like “1 free dish-washing”, “1 pass for hugs”, “clean the house for free coupon”, some stuff like that! Especially if you don’t do stuff like that often. Do it and honor it!

Last off, if you’re looking to just get laid, Nicole Arbour has some great tips to do that. 

(Video: Nicole Arbour – How to get LAID on Valentines Day;

Until next year you gross bunnies, stay safe and remember, no glove no love.