Electric Automotive Market Is About To Blow Up

CES 2016, Chevy Bolt is given a chance to sit in the hands of the media. The Bolt is going to be the answer to Tesla Motor’s upcoming Model 3 car. They sit at around the same price with the Chevy Bolt said to be under $40,000 and around $30,000 with tax breaks; The Model 3 should be at $35,000 before tax breaks, which both are claiming to achieve 200-mile (320 km) range. A range where most people may be very convinced to buy one, enough for an at least 80 mile commute both ways, which if you’re doing that, then you’ll probably save a fortune on gas.

Tesla Motors has delivered the Model X, turned on its Autopilot feature with the “summon” feature now on as well, the Gigafactory is partially complete and online soon. Tesla Motors says the Model 3 will be revealed and taking orders in March 2016, with cars possibly being delivered at the end of 2017. They definitely have the reputation to get orders but a volume order of this magnitude is something that Tesla Motors will never have dealt with before, the supercharging stations will soon be rammed, and many more issues I can foresee. Although Elon Musk seems to go for the run and gun approach sometimes but he certainly does address problems when they do arise. For example the battery fires from the undercarriage being punctured being fixed with thicker plating.

Nissan is an honorable mention since they have been the top selling EV since the Leaf’s arrival. They showed off the IDS Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with a conceptual 500 km of range and self-driving. We have yet to see anything significantly new other than the new Leaf’s range being extended to 130 miles.

This is more of a look into the future, an overview of the game before the cards are fully shown. Tesla has been known to deliver on their promises but maybe a little late. Chevy takes the incremental route to EVs but seems to be trying to catch up and take the lead with the Bolt.

Via TheVerge, CleanTechnica, and Chevrolet

Full Disclosure: I own Tesla Motors stock.