Hey Siri, wanna race Android?

Here is a video of Gizmodo testing to see who is the fastest in voice command and execution.

It seems sort of even, and to be honest I was happily surprised how fast Android responded especially when I was thinking how Android may have multiple programs running in the background. Although they used a Motorola Atrix 2, it has 200Mhz more than the iPhone’s dual core 1Ghz A9. Yet, when I think Apple I would think fast and smooth and now I see the haste at which Android does its thing, all I have to say is that Android has come a long way from that dinky Donut it started with (even though I loved it).

Either way, there’s ups and downs to both but Android seems to be catching up (if not at par) with iOS. I would recommend that Apple put some of that excess money they seem to have into R&D and keeping that lead they have. Or maybe opening up a manufacturing facility here in North America and bring some of those terrible working conditions over, oh wait that would be illegal here. So why is it legal there? Oh right, because that’s better than the norm there, just making sure we respect the status quo. Man, this whole capitalism thing is so awesome.

How do you find your phone voice command speed? Android or iOS?

Link via Gizmodo